Where to report or give feedback on a service member?

I normally play Overwatch and I was suspended for something I believe was wrongful. (I was being bullied in voice chat by drunk people, and they told both teams to mass report me to get me kicked off) which they were successful. I tried to appeal this but the particular team service member refused to look at the evidence or game in question, and refused to let me speak to another team service member. They even went as far as saying if I try to send another ticket in, I’ll be further penalized.

So since I can’t re-submit, I wanted to ask where I can go (or if I should just E-mail the company) to give feedback. I think it’s disgusting and I’ve been playing Blizzard video games since the mid 90s on video game consoles. Nobody should ever be afraid of being suspended or warned because of bullies and harassment.

It’s an abuse of power and not letting me even get to talk to another service representative is just plain wrong and players who are honest shouldn’t be afraid of just asking a question. I worked in customer service for many years and the last thing you should be doing is talking down to people who payed for a video game like a child, then refuse to let them speak their piece if they were wronged.

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Appeals are not a court of law where you get to argue your side. They do not engage in Live Chat or Phone Callback for appeals either, and never have.

The ONLY means to appeal is a web ticket. This is covered in the Support Article.

When you file an appeal ticket they look at the reports and game logs. That is it. If those back up the penalty, the penalty is upheld. You can try putting in another ticket but at some point they will tell you that a final decision is reached. IF you do put in another ticket, do not get into any discussion. Keep it very simple. You feel you were falsely reported by a group and would like the logs checked again to verify that and remove the penalty. No stories, No nothing.

Keep in mind two wrongs don’t make a right. It does not matter what other people do wrong - you control your own actions and are accountable for them. Never let yourself get baited into replying in a way that can break the rules and get you reported.

When your ticket is closed you get a Survey form to fill out. That goes to the Support supervisor.

I understand I control my own actions, that’s why when they bullied me and threatened me in voice I stopped playing for 10 seconds to type up a report for them. I was told because I stopped just to stop and report them I contributed to the system thinking I’m afking on purpose. That’s ridiculous because I type very fast and I should be allowed to stop for a second to report people threatening my family and then them witch hunting me. I have never done this to anyone in any video game I ever played, and I don’t tolerate that behavior.

I did fill out the survey but I still wanted to ask another representative if they can at least look at the footage / chat log / voice log of the match (which they refused to do). That’s what I have a problem with, since they didn’t want to take the time to look at what those people said to me.

Since I can’t re-appeal and I’m not testing the waters of putting in another ticket (I was told by this service member if I do I’ll be punished for it), I’ll be writing a physical letter to Blizzard this week. My voice is going to be heard and it’s disgusting that you guys are sticking up for letting people harass or bully others in this game.

  1. I don’t work for Blizzard in any way.
  2. Nobody sticks up for abusive bullies. If they engaged in that behavior then that is also wrong.
  3. They won’t discuss other account penalties with you if they penalized any of them too.

“Will” be punished or “may” be punished? They don’t normally put their foot down on appeals unless someone has already had several and/or the person is being abrasive/abusive to staff (not saying you were - just talking in generalities). If it was not a final answer and you are polite you might still be able to ticket.

I didn’t know you weren’t employed by Blizzard; I don’t frequent the forums that often and I just saw the green text and name.

The person in question in my appeal ticket specifically said if I try to resubmit by asking the very same question (or even referencing it), they will punish me by penalizing the account further. I’ve put in many hours on Overwatch, and I made a ticket one other time in the past asking about help switching my phone number over which I had a great experience. This is the only time where this person was (in my opinion) rude, and wouldn’t even look at the data so they can clearly see those people harassing me.

If I try to resubmit a ticket now I’m guessing I’m going to get the same exact person again (why they are letting one person run the information center for deciding if someone is suspended or banned is beyond me) so I’m not taking the chance for them to do this to me. I will be writing a letter which I’m in my right to do and send it to the offices.

Also I appreciate you took the time to reply if you don’t work for them, and I’m not trying to be crass or sound like I’m complaining. But this really infuriated me, and if I did something wrong then I absolutely should be held accountable. But players who are bullies or threatening people in voice / chat shouldn’t have that power to tell others to mass report people in games, that’s insane. It’s crazy to me they have no better system to check to see if these were justified or not. I’m being honest; I think I got a crummy team service member, didn’t want to look at the data, and just passed it off as “I’m not dealing with this” and left it as is. Not being able to reach out to another customer service rep is pretty silly to me. I get they don’t want the same person making hundreds of tickets or trying to bypass the system, but one team member should not be making the final decision if the player has reasonable evidence or wants further inquiries.

nah bro they used to have a sweet 1-800 hotline back in the day. basically guaranteed fixed in under 2hrs it was awesome.

And they got rid of it because people called it incessantly for things besides Billing, Account Access (passwords/Auth) and tech support. Now you only get to talk to live CS if you have something that they can help with - the above categories. They have live chat and phone callback for those.

People circumventing the system to yell at CS for appeals is not something they wanted. You submit a ticket and they check the logs. That is the end of it.

And I can completely understand that over the phone it would exasperate the problem, but the caveat of this whole thing is that (in my opinion), they don’t look at the data all the time or logs. At least with my experience, it was brushed off and stated that because of an influx of reports it was justifiable evidence enough.

Sorry but from someone who bought their video games since the 90s that’s pretty bad. That does not excuse me if I reply to bad behavior and subsequently hurt the rest of the players, but they need a far better system then this. I’ve never played a online game in all these years that just suspends and bans people like this unless they are cheating / hacking.

Anyway thank you all for the info with tips and advice. I’ll be asking to have this deleted now since it’s not really useful to anyone. Have a good rest of the week.

I hear you. It is midnight though and I likely won’t make sense so will reply later. You are not wrong, and I really do understand the issue here - I think. I can’t do anything about it though as I am not a Blizz employee.

Anyway - I do want to say I appreciate the well thought out and polite posts you have made. Thank you.

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It’s no problem thank you for taking the time to reply to people on here. I’m sorry if I sounded rude at the beginning of my topic, I really didn’t mean to. I was alot more upset when it first happened a few days ago. It doesn’t mean I don’t realize there are wonderful employees and forum users on here willing to help and work hard. I’m just not thrilled with this for Overwatch because I’m going to miss my very first event since I started playing and I really enjoy Chinese New Year. It just saddened me and I hope they make a better system for this game.

Anyway thank you again! (Oops I just realized you can’t delete your own topic on here I think, I’m not familiar with the forums. Ah well, that’s alright, maybe this will help someone).

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