Where to Report Diablo 2 Hack/Mod/Bot/Racist?

I saw a blue post recently with an email where we can report bots, modders, hackers, and racists.

Does anyone recall what that email was?

I heard you have to purchase the official hall monitor booster pack first. It comes with a reflective sash, fingerless gloves, generic black sun glasses, khaki shorts, tube socks, new balance shoes, plain white polo shirt, generic white classic style underwear, a non conspicuous large silver ink pen, and a small red note pad that fits in your chest pocket. I think it’s 79.95 on the blizzard store, could be wrong and prices are subject to location, shipping etc. Anyway, once you’ve purchased that there are expansion packs where you can earn mounts such as segways and scooters. There’s talk of loot crates in the future (for cosmetics only of course) that will have cool stuff like mullet ball caps, sparkling glitter skins for your notepad, novelty ink pens in the shape of blizzard characters from various franchises, a foam ban hammer toy, and various graphic/text print polo shirts to show off how unique you are.

Anyway good luck reporting sir! See you on the frontlines!


:joy: No, there isn’t anyone to contact. Sadly, hacks@blizz.net or whatever it is doesn’t take any action or care. Blizzard doesn’t support the game much anymore sadly.

Ya you can report, but it’s worthless. My evidence: All of the bots that are constantly running. So obvious and public but there they are, grinding away 24 hours a day.

Watch me advise you this and sure enough, no blues will come by to correct me. Nobody is actually doing anything about the bots.