Where is the "creative Blizzard"?

More and more playing the Blizzard-Games feels like a song which has only one kind of sound.
Sorry, but my game-mind knows more verbs than kill, destroy, heal and conquer. Only remakes can not save the future for Blizzard that is a logical fact. Where are the individual designer who have the team-courage and the risk to find and create new individual game-universes by Blizzard Entertainment? A game-company which has the philosophy to create and develop individual universes about different decates this company needs a natural circulation between finanical investment and creative founding or this company is going to find its bad final end. This is a logical fact too. Entertainment is not a one-way-ticket which knows only one kind of way and only one kind of professional development. Actually it feels and looks like that the creative-pool is too much empty by Blizzard Entertainment.