Where is my refund!?

I dont care if this is the right category to post this. Ticket is resolved? Its been 4 weeks now and it said 5-10 business days? Really? 4 weeks? This is my first time refunding on here and you guys just put in “resolved” and “refunded” etc etc. $107. I did not receive my refund AT ALL. So that means there is 107 dollars floating around? Is this what you guys do is scam? Wow first impression i cant even rely on you guys. This will be imbedded in my head to never make a purchase from you guys ever again.

So youre intentionally posting in a place where nothing will happen and no one who can do anything will see it. All that says is you also dont care about your refund either.

Where else am i supposed to post it? I already made a ticket that was set to “resolved” with nothing done to it. I read all the category and nothing fits what I need to ask. So where do i go genius?

First, at least think your jabs through. Im not the one kicking in the door of a mcdonalds because im upset a failed refund at burger king.

Second… you don’t post it anywhere. Refunds are never handled on the forums. Instead… you go backand you ask. You contact them again and inquire as to what happened. Was there a mistake on their end? Did you not understand the refund conditions? Did the transaction fail? So on and so forth. That’s standard customer service MO. Instead of any of that, you leap straight scams and generalizations.

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You want to point me in the direction to actually talk to someone about it because I’ve already tried everything. Do they have email I can email them on? Customer service phone number? Put in another ticket? Did… resolved it… Checked through my bank account? Done… made a purchase on my account of 107 dollars back in July. Refunded in Aug 23. They accepted refund, resolved… done… 9 weeks later no refund with no COD MW II 2022. Tried to refund again since there is nobody to contact for this and error comes up. So please do tell me genius. There is nobody to talk to, just some computerized crap that you put in what you want help with that only leads you other others similar questions asked with more bs about how it can take up to 6 weeks most. Yet it’s been nearly 9. Yeah don’t worry I’ll wait for your smartass response.

If you think that response was smartass, then that just shows you how deluded you are. You were the one touting that you don’t care if the forums were the right place… meaning you dont care if nobody who could do anything will see it. You were the one taking jabs… and still are to boot. All ive done is TRY to get it through to you, first where to go, and second your propensity to jump to deluded conclusions.

Point you? Well, you were already in the right place:

There usually is a live chat and a callback number. But cause they are backed up they shut those two options down to catch up.

So yes, you must wait in line like everyone else.