Where do you actually file a ban appeal?

When you follow the support articles, you finally get to here: Contact Support - Blizzard Support
but there is no “send” button once you create the description of your problem, and when I go to look at my tickets, it says there are no active tickets

Where do you actually file a ban appeal?


and select “Appeal penalty”.

You should review the info in Appeal a Suspension or Ban in Diablo Immortal - Blizzard Support before filing the appeal.

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I’ve tried that, it doesn’t do anything. When you select “appeal penalty”, it then says:
"Try the following:

Appeal a penalty on your Diablo: Immortal account."
and doesn’t actually let you file an appeal.

Did you click the Contact Us button ? It should have brought you to the page where you need to provide a picture of your government-issued ID to prove that you are the account owner
( https://us.battle.net/support/en/verify/upload?stateRef=/support/en/help/product/immortal/1874/2056/solution )

Thank you, that’s what I missed

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