Where can I download D2?

I want to play D2 again but I could not find it in the download center.

Can someone help me?

There are a few different ways depending on what version of the game you own.

If you have an old physical version and your key has not already been claimed to a Battlenet account, you need to registered it.

Normally you go to your Battlenet account settings and under Redeem a Code you put in the game code for D2 and again for LOD.

Then you will see each in the bottom of your “Games and Subscriptions” list and it generates a NEW game code! That new code is what you need to download and play using the old CDs. It gets you the Win 10 compatible version. The download link is next to the game and game key. Enter the game code from your Bnet Games summary list when it asks during install.

If you don’t have the old keys or they are taken already (scammers/hackers/keygens) then you can buy the game from the Blizzard store. That will grant you a new key and enable download as well. Not sure if you need to enter the key on install or if it is automatic. I don’t have that version.

Hey, thanks. It seems I have it in my Game list, but when I click to Download Game Client, there is no Diablo II…

I clicked the link and it took me to the download page

From there I scrolled down to the Classic Games section and it lists both Diablo 2 and LOD.

Are you not seeing that? It is all the way at the bottom. Below the Activision partner games and the Apps.

No I could not see the Classic Games section… did I miss anything? :slight_smile:

Did you enter your game keys into your Bnet account or buy the game from Blizz? You need to do that before it works I think?

Yea i double checked. Game is listed with licence key in my account. The download page just does not have any classic games…

Then I honestly don’t know what to say. MVPs don’t work for Blizz, we are just reg player with green text. I know my Firefox browser can see the download page with no issues, and when I scroll way down the Classic games are at the bottom and D2 and LOD are there. Along with a bunch of other things, some of which were free.

That seems to be a website issue but I have no idea how to resolve it besides suggesting trying another browser :frowning:

I am uncertain if this is permitted. Please, delete this post if it goes against community guidelines.

If you need another country/language’s version, just holler and I’ll get those. Samfish, here are the two links for the US English version:

I hope that these help.

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Thank you very much. Downloading now…

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