When is my ban up... blue please read

Played Diablo II for the last 20 years and am a bit frustrated right now.

I had my gaming laptop at work this past weekend and during some downtime I tried logging in. I got several errors trying to log in several times thinking it was connection issue then realized it was likely due to the VPN at work. Got same errors at home on regular network and after a quick google realized my cdkey was likely banned due to TOS violation (which honeslty did not know but sorta undertsand). I uninstalled and reinstalled using an altertnate CDkey (ive purchased the game a number of times over the last decade due to lost and broken cds plus diablo 3 collector edition keys etc) and was still unable to log in so assume that my ip has also been banned at home. Can a blue please let me know when this ban is up so i stop trying to log in and keep prolonnging my ban.

For further informmation i was unable to log into the game form a phone tether on my first key but was able to log in form my phone from the second key so assume my first key and home IP are on lock. I just wanna play some d2.w