When i start the app, high temps on my pc

With my pc idle mode with the app, my pc temps up to 70º. Thats only with the app open! Only happens to me with high games with high requirements, my pc is new; Ryzen 7 5800x Nvidia 3070, i dont know about what is happening but is so weird.

Since the last Blizzard update for World of Warcraft on July 13th i have been spam crashing. I had Geek Squad shadowing me for 2 hours yesterday and the machine was running hot, temps over 95 degrees. The thing is - my comp was 100% fine before this latest update. Have ruled out all of the usual culprits…outdated add-ons, drivers, reinstalled Blizzard app, reduced resolution and graphic output. I honestly don’t think i have a machine problem, i think it’s a bad patch based on the timing, not sure if it’s possible for something like that to spike CPU temps. TONS of people on WoW are complaining about crashes and lagging since the last update although i seem to have it worse than most.

I have been crippled and can’t even quest solo without crashing let alone raid (btw on Taragrue i know EXACTLY when i will crash, first Hungering Mist mechanic, supporting my theory that this is bad code…because i had cleared that boss a ton on normal and heroic previously without issue).

The worst part of this is…there will be 4 more patches until the storyline is completed so i’ll basically be hopelessly far behind on gear, raid prog, M+, etc.

I don’t think buying a new system would even help.

I use RTX 2060 btw, plenty strong enough to handle the graphics.