Whats taking so long to fix the Diablo2 chat?

Terrible game experience without communication ability all the games I create chat literally doesn’t exist basically is like playing single player with NPC walking around instead of players…Make diablo2 great again don’t let it waste in ruins a lot of ppl old timers/veterans are still playing it…please fix this just like the whirlwind glitch and others were fixed thanks.


So glad that I did not have a mouth filled with coffee while reading that. I laughed and thought that is the perfect description. And, with friends using the ‘!’ for chatting in game, it is also starting to look a lot like Diablo 2 has fused with The Sims. All we need now are those Sims-like vocal sounds. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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My Barbarian emotes have never been so popular…

“Thank You…”

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Don’t you mean…

“Time to die!”


“this is for you!”


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This has been going on for weeks, so I feel your pain, believe me. I had a friend buy the game so we could play together. Pain in the butt to have to text each other over facebook to communicate, makes it almost impossible. The issue is, devs/tech support don’t really read these forums, so our complaints are pretty much only going to be read by fellow players. Its just a place for us to vent, so in short, we are pretty much screwed.


If you have friends on Battle net, you can use the Battle net Launcher and use the voice coms to talk to each other instead of typing…

There’s probably just one guy with coffee/Cheetos breath moderating the forums when he’s done napping in the server room pretending to do « maintenance »

Recently had a post deleted for saying that the lack of response to the chat bug is Blizzard telling us to (a rude version of not talking)


!so sick of chatting like this
!I believe we are facing the games downfall
!The end of diablo 2 online… Time to find a new game…
!So many years waisted
!Need Diablo 2 Rehab
!cant stop trying to connect

Never have I wanted to switch to a private server more than I do now… The plus side is that chant bots are mostly broke, lots of other bots are broke, and it’s kinda nice.

has anyone in the history of diablo 2 actually used in game chat?

i forgot chat even existed inside d2

Everyone does. From asking for party invites, to talking to others doing quests, to chatting, to trading.

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Looks like many people are still unaware of the greatness of diablo 2 private servers. y’all should do a few researches on this. Never again you’ll want to go back to botnet after this

Don’t you people have phones Discord

Also I wonder if this action was intentional in order to hurt the bots… people can work around not being able to type in game… if this takes a big swing at bots than its worth it IMO

This wouldn’t surprise me if it was true…

I know that groups of bots that follow each other rely on chat based notifications in order to coordinate their efforts. I’ve seen it before in random chaos/baal run games.

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It screams intentional. I say they did it deliberately and will roll out a new form of in game communication when the game is put on the launcher or remastered - voice chat via the launcher.

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I wish that this were true. Yet, I think that this wonderful legacy game may continue to be burdened with hiccups and with temporary small fixes until it is placed on the same shelf as Diabo 1. I do not blame Blizzard as Diablo 2 is an old game. From when this came out 'til now, hundreds of thousands of games have been uploaded to Steam and to other hosting platforms. Blizzard has also created numerous and awesome titles which have a huge following as well as there are people who stream their game plays.

Personally, I would not hold my breath when it comes to d2 being placed on the launcher nor of a remaster. Invest time in just playing for fun and explore Blizzard’s numerous games as well as support new indie games, too! :revolving_hearts:

They did say they are working on putting it on the launcher. So there is that.

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if they wanna stop bots why not just make it so by default people who join are muted and squelched.