What's in a name? That which we call a torch. By any other name would +3 us. So, sweet!

Sheesh. So, with a huge mug of strong coffee nearby, I start my first organ hunt. Only Über Andarial gave us such a headache. Her poison is the bomb. I kept going through all of my pots even my antidotes. Had to run to town and restock.

Then, we opened the portal to the famous Pandemonium event. I was so not ready. But, with three cups of coffee coursing through my bloodstream. A friend and I conquered the demons who called Über Tristram their home.

There it was. Our first torch of the season. What could it be?! My friend was a pali who could use the extra bonuses of a pali torch and I was a papery necro who lived cautiously behind their revives and while drinking coffee.

We go to town and id the torch. Zon?! A zon torch?! Sigh. 3/16/14 is not bad. But, now, my friend or I will be deciding who will build a Zon. We will treasure our first torch, yet our tears are for not finding one for our classes.

:alien: :dolphin:

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