What? Why has no one mentioned Stone runeword?!

Oh, my gerd.
I was looking for something different for my necro. I had a nice non-eth 10% ed 4os Wyrmhide. So, in go all the runes for Stone (shael-um-pul-lum). Sh*t! My jaw dropped.

The result:

  • 1737 def
  • 60% fhr
  • 269% ed
  • 300 def vs missle
  • 16 str / 16 vit / 10 energy
  • 15 all res

C’mon! That is awesomesauce. The moment that I put this on my papery necro, I swear that I saw him do an Irish jig. Trying something different adds to the game.

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It’s a decent option to use with an ebug armor to throw on your merc as well.

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If you’re good with hot keys and have an extra to spare you can use the charges as a knock back safety if a monster is too close. You can literally knock a monster toward your minions directing it’s focus back on them. And why wouldn’t you make Bone instead?

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if you dont know basic runewords YOUR A NOOB

basic merc armor is boot strapped in this order of progression:
treachery3 -> stone4 ->fort4

you throw out the treachery as its a transition merc armor swap in a ebug stone as TEMP then you hel + tp to unsocket that garbage and make fort

ebug fort can have def from 3k to 4065 in sa
while ebug stone in sa if perf can be 5265 def / the downside is this armor only provdes defense while ebug fort provides def + damage + chilling armor thus higher in def then stone


Wanted to try a runeword that I have never made. It is true that necros do not need all that much. The stats are nice on Stone. So far so good. Watch as I stand where Seis spawns while typing and someone hits the seal. That is my necro gaming luck in a nutshell. :blush:

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necros can do a lot of physical damage in fact they are the highest physical damage build in the entire game but the physical damage is empty physical damage or raw physical damage. they uber just fine and are slightly faster then a smiter with a merc with infinity for that cb + massive damage

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When Carbot gets to their Chaos video, they should do a mini skit where you see one character telling another character to stand here (a circle that says don’t stand here) and tell me your life’s story, then goes and opens the seal.

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A necro can be made to have more raw physical damage than a ww barbarian?

stone is good ya nice one

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Oh? My favourite Diablo 2 animator! You reminded me of their d2 animations where a sorc is tired of someone asking for a tp. She opens a portal and fires a cold skill spell, the new player enters the portal, she quickly towns and hostiles. Insta-death. Brutal!

Thanks! So far, so good. Necro is safe with my noobish often far too risky game play. :blush:

read my post again and you have your answer

I read it the first time. One of my ww barbs has 14k raw physical damage. That’s 14k per hit and ww hits 5 times ( TM ) per attack. That’s 14k without a might merc using Pride. With the merc he gets 21k per hit. With better gear I can easily get him up to 20K raw physical damage per hit without the merc. Do the math, then please explain how a necro can do more than that on one attack.

That is pretty noobish progression.

This progression is far superior.

1st. Stealth
Stealth in a breast plate bought from Fara.
Then Stealth in a GP found in Act 4.
Then Stealth in any armour with def over 200.
This will get your merc into hell virtually death free.

2nd. Lionheart
Lionheart in any elite noneth armour with 450 def or higher found in act 1 hell. This armour gives the merc everything he needs to survive hell act 2 to act 4, and most importantly it gives the big strength and dex bonus to equip those heavy elite eth poleaxes early.

3rd. Duress
Cheap, high damage and defense. The damage this armour provides helps the merc deliver enough to efficiently leech life from a helm, and in an eth base it can provide around 2k defense. This is the best end game armour to use before using the 4th armour in this list.

4th. NonEth CoH.
This is the best merc armour hands down. If you need a high damage and high defense armour on your lvl 90+ merc, you have literally failed at making a solid character. Merc at this point has two purposes and two purposes only - distraction and auras. +2 on this armour buffs the merc aura, which buffs your character even more, and nothing is more important than that (combine that with +2 on Andi’s). Every other affix on this rw armour the merc uses and is of great value - no other end game armour can make that claim. Don’t make it eth simply because you want to be able to switch back and forth with your character’s Enigma when you need high resistances in sticky spots.

you need to test out best merc armors no one uses ebug coh on a merc just for +2 all skill the damage boost from fort is far more useful then boosting merc aura level. now that is noobish to a whole new level. My mercs do not die in hell with 8 players in game on bnet not single.

wow but too low damage
my necro does over 100k physical damage + over 100k fire damage and we are not counting mages that are kinda useless but add about 4k damage lol

633 min 636 max
avg 634.5

fanata @ 9 = 93% ed boost
might @ 21 = 240 ed boost
333 total boost infinity setup

pride setup @ lvl 20 = 345 ed
lets increase damage 615%

***634.5×333% 2,112.885 @ 15 skelly 31,693.275 ed telestomp damage
634.5×678% 4,301.91 @ 15 skelly 64,515 ed telestomp damage (monsters that are killed by merc shatter and are not used for c/e
634.5×948% 6,015.06 @ 15 skellys 90,225.9
*** i have in my party a hdin so ill just use his concentration aura and still have the damage as if i used pride but high level thus skipping this step while doing more damage

345 with pride

enchant damage addition: 97,500

in the video i have:
support bo barb STANDARD
support enchant sorc STANDARD
support hdin
leveling char (necro)
merc does 17k under concentration

min damage is 633 max is 636

fanata @ 9 = 93% ed boost
might @ 21 = 240 ed boost
333 total boost infinity setup

so i dont use pride as i got a pally with concentration
and the cb + conviction is extreamly useful
it lowers defense makes skellys hit more
also lowers res to mages hit harder
win win
also with amp and c/e the conviction lowers fire damage of c/e and amp lowers phy res
so i got 15 skellys each with 633 phy + 333% ed bonus from auras
634.5×333% 2,112.885 @ 15 skelly 31,693.275 ed telestomp damage
now if i add the concentration from my pally
lvl 38 345 ed
634.5×948% 6,015.06 @ 15 skellys 90,225.9
also i use a enchant sorc with 6500 enchant * 15 = enchant damage addition: 97,500
merc does 17k under concentration aura (we are not factoring in enchant this is physical)
golum does 6.5 k fire damage
enchant on merc does 6.5k damage fire

107,000 physical damage
103,000 fire damage
we have not factored mage damage (x16)

107,000 physical damage
103,000 fire damage
we have not factored mage damage (x16)

the video:

I’m not questioning the damage the necro can lay down, but you said raw physical damage. A ww barb can be made to have 25k raw physical damage. 25 times six is 125k. Barb wins in that department.

On top of that, your sick enchant can be added (mines only 5k), add lvl 20 venom, GoP on switch for amp, more than -100% enemies defense and more than -50 enemies damage from battle cry.

All that from one simple cast of whirlwind onto 1 - 6 monsters. Your 16 skellies are 16 individual hits, 16 hits that would be buffed by the +2 CoH aura enhancement.

I cut through 18 monsters 18x faster than your 16 skellies, golem and merc. Think about it.

How fast can your necro solo clear Chaos with 7 other players in the game, no help other than bo and enchant, and kill everything? I bet my ww barb with raw physical damage alone beats your necro fully buffed to the 9s.

in the video i posted it shows i have 100k+ raw physical damage

i can clearly kill faster then your barb and i have not even seen the video because he uses amp damage
amp + physical = pwnage

not to mention i have another 100k + fire damage
elemental damage + conviction = pwnage

post a video clearing faster then my char in hell with equal number of players or more in game

i had only loaded 4 players into the game

show me what you got kid back up your words with evidence or stay a noob

thats why i use conviction on my merc it not only lowers monster res but also lowers def by 83%

like i said a summon nec has the highest physical damage build in the entire game and it leaves ww barbs in the dust

you cannot post a video and show a barb with “more” damage or kill “faster” because its impossible

The original question was directly about you claiming a necro does more raw physical damage than any other character. He doesn’t, the whirlwind barbarian does. Hands down with.

If you’d like to make a video of your necro only using, in your words,

I’m more than happy to demonstrate with a video how wrong you are - embarrassingly wrong. Btw, Enchant, Corpse Explosion, FIre Golem nor any other elemental influence can be used because it is not “raw physical damage”, again, your words.

Also, my barbarian as it is kills faster than your necro in the video, the only advantage you have over me is your ability to reach more monsters faster with your 18 minions. I clear the Throne and Baal 2x faster and I kill Diablo twice as fast.

Again, I’m more than happy to demonstrate my claims in a video, but not until you show your necro only using “raw physical damage”.

Edit: Furthermore, to prove you’re useless without your hacks and dupes, don’t use any support characters, such as a bo barb. CTA yes, but we are talking about “raw physical damage”, so pound for pound, what character is better at clearing Chaos, Throne, Baal and just for fun, Nihl, using just “raw physical damage”? All in the same game, too, no cuts nor edits in the vid - 3 other characters in the game, but no support characters such as a barb and sorc.

Start by resurrecting your skellies, then move to Chaos, then on to Nihl, then Throne and Baal. Show all your gear, character and merc, so we can read it, and show your character screen. Your merc cannot have any elemental damage, either. I’ve read elsewhere you criticizing the quality of other people’s videos, so it should be easy for you to block out your names without making such a garbage quality video like the one you posted. I’ll not be blocking out my character names because I have nothing to hide. Also, in your video, I don’t need to read your excuses and explanations, just “raw” game play is fine. You know, the whole action speaks louder than words thing?

check the math do the math i posted the video its absolutely totally correct

even if i make a video without support chars that just means i do 30k+ damage making it still the highest physical build in the entire game - everyone knows this

those are not my own words learn to read before you attempt to troll

i showed i had 2 TYPES of damage physical (100k) elemental (100k) they both add up to 200k

let em quote myself:


nice try but your delusional

even an uber smiter will not kill as fast - in this particular example

all the evidence is clearly posted and if your butthurt that i removed char names from the video thats your problem its known the users on this forums including you are toxic and stupid that is why that data was stripped. despite all evidence or logic your barb kills “twice as fast” :wink: learn to troll better this is d2

bro on the internet we have a rule: ss or gtfo
i posted the video showing all evidence and you have not / another will not be posted

here is what you will say: because you refuse to post another (because your wrong dispite math and the fact i cant do basic addition i wont post my barb video showing im “twice as fast” because im a troll with no skill)

prove me wrong or gtfo noob

My barb as it sits does 70K “raw physical damage”, with might and con merc he does 105k.

Either you’re forgetful or you’re a liar whom always moves the goal post when he is made a fool for being completely wrong. I know it’s the second one.

Your necro is garbage, just like you with your hacks and bot support characters.

prove it

let me clarify what raw damage is: it is damage that is: “as is” and not doubled by deadly strike or a weapons mastery.
example if you do 500 phy damage that is the raw damage if you are factoring in deadly strike you have the potential to do 1000 damage

show me what you got kid

i clearly showed in the video proving the necro can do 100k physical and an additional 100k fire damage stack.
I included the math behind why it does and how the build is optimized for such high damage that is reproducible.

yes i mentioned “empty damage” and you clearly do not know what empty damage is

so if you have 500 damage you just do 500 damage physical, there is no way to add crushing blow / deadly strike / open wounds to summons melee (skelly) physical damage thats why i call it “empty”

There are only 2 ways to increase damage of skelly damage and that is auras (pally or druid) that increase damage by % and enchant elemental damage.

this is also not totally true if you do cast a iron golem as you can modify how it damages by changing the weapon and mods on it. but iron golems are not skellys :wink: so that is the exception

beyond any reasonable doubt the build shown is the highest physical damage in the entire game. It unquestionably destroys monsters faster using physical damage then any other physical build in the entire game. I also did not use any “hacks” nor can you prove i ever did. If you feel that i am wrong show evidence beyond your “word” thats its not. Otherwise i got evidence and mathematics proving i am right.

show your math
show your setup
show your video
show any evidence
or accept that you are nothing more then a dumb troll