What neanderthal designed the new individual chat windows?

They used to look fine. A dark blue background with white text, and a lighter blue framing the input box at the bottom. Simple, functional, text stands out nice and clear.

Now, everything appears in the stupid chat bubbles like they would in the all-in-one messenger. (Which are ugly, bulky, and useless. Just put my text on the screen, don’t shove it in these bubbles that take up space and clash entirely with the background. Speaking of clashing…) Not only that, but they appear with this horrible thin black font that’s not only more annoying to read at a glance, but doesn’t match the aesthetics of the launcher or messenger at all. Heck, even the framing of the input box on bottom doesn’t make sense. It’s framed on the top and bottom with blue bars that are a lighter shade of blue than the chat window, then two black bars on the side that are darker than everything in the window, and then the input window is an even lighter shade of blue than the bars on the top and bottom.

It looks like an error. Absolutely atrocious design. I do not know who looked at this and thought it was in any way a change that needed to be implemented. Were they a graduate of the Stevie Wonder Institute of Visual Art?

Get rid of this trash, revert it to the better design that you had before, or give us the customization options to do so.


Was spending the weekend with guests, came back and saw this and thought oh no, I’ve got some bug randomly changing font, so glad to see other people noticing this, my guild thought I was crazy. The new chat windows are absolutely atrocious , anybody who thinks otherwise is just objectively wrong. If you’re going to push this design that literally looks worse than my intro to java dialog boxes, then give us customization options because it is physically assaulting my eyes.


I agree with them. That is some ugly design, roll back to the old chat or give the opportunity to choose between the old and new design.


I seriously thought my launcher was just broken, as if the fonts and such didn’t load correctly, that’s how bad it looks.