What is going on with the Battlenet Client?

Suddenly wouldn’t open from the tray today. So I followed all relevant troubleshooting steps and reinstalled it again. Ran long enough to download Warfare, but then it kept hanging every time I clicked on a menu item. Totally froze when I went into the settings menu. Haven’t used it in months and this issue is new to me. This frustrating the hell out me.

Win Pro X64



It’s not clear what steps you have tried but I would recommend a full reinstall of the Blizzard app:

  1. Uninstall the Blizzard app

  2. Next press Windows Key + R and open these locations. Delete any Battlenet and Blizzard folders you see in each location.:
    • %APPDATA%
    • %TEMP%

  3. Finally go ahead and reinstall the app from here. Make sure you run as Admin.