What is going on with battle.net

Useast diablo 2 servers are lagging really bad, and have create game lines.

I hae to click 5 times just to teleport!
Also know its not my isp because I can play games like CSGO with perfect latency

As far as I know, it’s similar or the same as the problem that’s going on with the Asia realm, though not nearly as bad. There is a post in the classic games tech support forum that has been there for months with thousands of views and hundreds of posts of people complaining about the sad state of the Asia realm. There are a few blue posts there, but yet they still haven’t resolved the problem.

I can only assume that the same problem is happening with USEast now and I can only guess with the inaction on Blizzards part to fix the Asia server problem, the same will be the case with USEast.

One can speculate that this is Blizzards way of gradually ending all support for Diablo 2, and are allowing the game to trainwreck itself to the point where no one wants to play on Battlenet anymore.

Another possibility is that they know the accounts that have been botting, have trimmed their server user “load” to handle the legits and are preparing for a mass ban wave… One can only hope this is the case.


I Bought and Downloaded D2 n D2 LOD Dec 27th/2019, it won’t even let me download the patch, so i cant even connect online to battle.net, it says " you have been disconnected from battle.net, please reconnect"? wtf is going on here?

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This is a smart idea… so it’s sadly impossible blizzard would think of this because of that fact

Still having to wait in a create game line every time I want to make a game…

Have any of you gone to the direct download page to get the most recent patch? You don’t need to run the game to patch it. Also, run as admin pre-patch, and run as normal user after the patch is done. It won’t work otherwise.

Does it create the game once its your turn in line ? I can only join games.

ah, when you said click 5 times to teleport, i realised why recently i needed to click twice or thrice to ‘open chests’ it must be the same thing, i was beginning to think my mouse had it… but no. in actual fact i have ever only played singleplayer offline in the past and never eperienced closed realm play. this must be lag, and it must be part of the package.

im having big lag spikes since yesterday aswell, im playing hardcore, good thing my char are well geared because i wouldnt dare trying to do a ladder reset on HC with such high ping. Blizzard should really do something about it, its not a 30 min issue, its been lagging for over 48h for me and also get 700-800 queues when i try to make games, its anoying as ***.

I’ve pretty much abandoned playing Diablo 2 on bnet because of the unreliable connection quality this season.

I’ve asked in the support forums about the problem, the question has been unanswered for nearly three weeks.

I’m pretty sure that it’s the same problem that has been plaguing the Asia server.

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If I had to make an educated guess it’s probably Matthew « Cederquist » fault.

Willing to bet he got the mandate to taint diablo 2 with atrocious ladder resets and zero anti cheat to make it look bad so people are less likely to listen to old school d2 fans and more likely to listen to paid shills to try out diablo immoral

I started playing D2 again due to isolation and i’m on the asia server.
On average 20 mins to create a game. I can’t do the mf runs i used to back in the day and it looks like most characters are bots on our server.

The bots have ruined the game and the people at blizzard allowing it is worse.
Way to ruin a game blizzard.

They have updated their servers to ban people who use maphack/bots/3rd party programs. They are currently testing a remaster at Blizzard…