What does the community want from a remaster?

Whether or not there’s a remaster coming this year, I thought it would be good to put together a post that could aggregate community thought in the hopes Blizzard takes notice.

So let me start:

  • New difficulty:

This is something I’d personally like to see. The game has been out for so long that everything is min/maxed, so I think extra difficulty levels would be great for giving end game builds more of a challenge.

  • New items/runewords:

I think this could be a good post-launch content addition if there were a new difficulty.

  • New Acts:

Maybe in the future, a new act might be feasible if a remaster proves popular. But for the meantime, I say don’t change what’s not broken.

  • The chest:

I think it should be expanded upon. Something akin to how it is in Plugy mod would be perfect for me. If you haven’t played it, you have essentially unlimited pages, each page is bigger and you also have a shared chest. The latter is extremely useful to remove the risks associated with muling whilst the former lets you collect the ridiculous amount of items you need for cube recipes and gear hoarding. Something which has added a lot of replayability value to the game for me.

  • Shared Loot:

This is something I definitely don’t want to see. As somebody who has played D2 for a long time, it would really ruin the experience for me if loot became shared as it is in D3. The competition in Diablo is something that I find highly enjoyable and I don’t want to be in some safe space bubble where nothing ever goes wrong.

  • Rushing:

I personally don’t care if it’s not a thing, but I’ve heard from a lot of people they won’t buy a remaster if rushing isn’t possible because they don’t play soso and they can’t teleport through acts. So I say it should be kept as a feature.

  • Cow King:

I think the ability to keep opening the cow level should be kept after the king’s death because everybody cheeses it with an alt anyway so it would save the hassle.

  • Respecs:

I like the feature on plugy where you can respec whenever, but the current vanilla system is fine for me.

  • Balance:

There’s a lot of rubbish skills in D2, so I wouldn’t mind to see some new synergies or something that enable them to become useful.

  • PvP:

If this feature were changed I think people would be up in arms. It would be nice though that if somebody goes hostile to you that you don’t have to return to town to toggle hostility to them.

  • Mercs:

I would love for mercs to have the ability to use skills on items like enigma.

  • Mobs:

They could probably do with an AI update, considering computer power now it would be nice to see more on screen too (perhaps with harder difficulty).

  • /players:

It would be great to have the ability to change the player difficulty online for when you don’t want to play with others.

  • Map saving:

This would be a great optional feature for online play.

What are your thoughts? Agree or disagree? Think I’ve missed anything? I have I’ll try to add new categories to this main post.

I want them to leave the game alone d2 don’t need a rm and it never will


If the rumours are true, how would you want it to be?

Remove gem requirement for cubing runes.

Increase overall rune drop rate by 100%. (Leave the ratios between the runes the same)

Switch net code to be entirely TCP to stop the client/server character position inconsistencies.

A revision of underpowered skills would make things interesting by opening up some new and different builds.

The elephant in the room issue; do something to stop the bots.

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