Went to talk to the charm vendor. Crashed to desktop

Fix this please. It’s getting old.

What about the forum for the BETA version of the game LAUNCHER says diablo immortal to you? Especially since there is a diablo immortal bug report literally on the same index page?

Because the game itself doesn’t randomly crash to the desktop on other devices. It only does this on PC. And since the BETA version is the entire desktop app… (you all have phones don’t you)… this is exactly where this report belongs.

Wow thats some mental gymnastics.

The launcher and the games are all separate from each other. So…

… ask youself, is the launcher crashing or the game crashing? The game? Then no, it does not belong here, unless of course you want no one from DI to see it.

Oh and just because two completely separate pieces of software have the the word beta in their titles doesnt mean they are the same software.

So if you want the DI people to see this then put it the right place: the aptly named DIABLO IMMORTAL Bug Report forum.

Or leave it here completely in vain.