Welcome to the new Battle.net Beta!

I cant see any trailers no videos at all . Only pictures in app no videos . Some streamers i have seen have this issue not .

eu não gostei da versão beta corta a frente dos jogos e de tudo

concordo e ainda por cima não se vê os jogos

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D/Loaded and Installed Beta so far NO issues running solid NO kickouts

OH give me right to make Overwatch 2! mr MR

I’ve been using the new app for quite a while now and I feel comfortable to give some feedback now.

First of all I wanna say the new appearance and design is amazing, I like the colors, game menu, content disposition.

When you select a game I love how there are links to the game’s forum, shop page and patch notes, they are very convenient and for new players a good starting point.

The new chat and notification system is very intuitive and easy to use, the chat options and sound notifications are great!

However I would really like to have the option to completely disable anything unrelated to installing, updating, repairing. uninstalling or launching a game. I’d like to disable the following features:

  • News - For any game there is their main website (why not just leave another link near the forum ?)
  • Promotions - Blizzard store already have a nice interface for that and if I want I can subscribe to receive newsletter by email
  • E-sports related content - Personal preference. I don’t care for watching a bunch of other people playing, I prefer to play the game myself

I know how Blizzard values personal options, lifestyles and I know Blizzard has a history of being inclusive in their games. Based on that I really think giving we users the option to disable such features and customize their experience would be one more way to show how you care for your customers.

Also please note I’m not saying those features are not nicely done, they certainly are very well executed and work as intended, I’m talking about personal preferences and user experience customization.


The friends list not being detachable or have a pop-out option so I can have it permanently visible while hiding the rest of the app is a huge bummer for me. Why can I not separate my friends list from the main page? That seems like must-have QOL option that literally every other launcher has. Heck, your OLD launcher has it. Why remove it?


If you guys could implement an RSS feed type thing into the Application as well as the forums…

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Please Blizzard. Address this concern mentioned over a year ago…


Not only there, but also here -> Separate window for friends list

Yeah, I hate it. Let me choose to opt out for the old version please.

Or at the very least allow me to pop-out the friends list separately and keep the social/chats embedded in the launcher. Why you’d choose to reverse this is beyond me.


A clear step back - I can’t have my friends window separate anymore.

Literal step back.


Hi! What happen to Activision Support and Community option? I don,t see it anywhere on the new battle. net update.

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Do we get a way to unwelcome ourselves?

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I would like to see only news and hotfixes related to that specific game. I don’t need to see ads for another remake or yet another version of the same game.
I don’t want to see Call of Duty “news” on my World of Warcraft page. Same for any other Esport event which I will never care about.
And scrolling down for information about a game I’m about to launch is unacceptable.

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dont like new launcher go back to the old way please.


The only reason this completely unnecessary, in no way improved upon new client was made is because the people in charge of it pretend that it is necessary to justify their job.

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where to start!
1: this is a beta so it should be optional!
2: as a beta, there should be a built in “Revert to old ui” button which opens a questioner to find out why you want to revert to the old ui!
3: WTF is this hot garbage pile of a ui, i mean while having the friends list integrated, we should also be able to undock it, i hate having to look at all of ACtivisions advertisement spam for games i have 0 interest in (based of games i own and have installed through your launcher)
4: why in the feck is the current season of d3 advertised 3/4 the way down the page and under an advertisement for COD instead of front and center right up the top?
5: why should i have to enter in my birth date to verify my age when i am already logged into an account that has all those details just so i can view what D3’s current season is about?
6: if you don’t revert this, imma use it only as an updater and just go old school way of starting your games! because this ui is a mish mash of stupidity mixed with corporate greed!
7:please for the love of frog revert this now


This post about the Beta was created in November 2019. The Beta has ended and the new launcher has been released as a final version. They announced it in January 2021 and by now it has been pushed to all Regions.


The mods really should lock this thread to prevent confusion.

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well they should have released it to a bigger pool and got more feedback before forcing everyone to eat it, because it is utter garbage!