Weapon Damage Governing Skill Damage, again?

Weapon Damage
-Skills scale their base damage using this value

Why does a spellcasters mastery of their spells get governed by the battle axe they just picked up?

The game has strayed so far from the original concept…
Why couldn’t you just keep the core fundamentals of diablo 2?

Why did you need to try and re create the wheel?

Did the vast amount of players not playing diablo 3, rather a remake of a 20 year old game not tell you anything at all about what we were looking for?

I feel like im playing a budget ps3 dungeon crawler or phone game.
Stats all tied together and pre fabricated.

Feels like i can pick any skills and just right click to play the game; no thought process or planning. just click and drool.

very disappointed, again.

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I found this really disappointing too. Something POE did well that D2 did in its own way, you either go skill damage or weapon damage for a build.

You either focus on skills that use your weapons and get modified based on that, or you focus on things that up your skills and the weapon is less important. But like you said, the fact that the sharpest greatsword is the ideal wizard weapon is just… Conceptually it’s bad and it just doesn’t feel good always chasing that high damage weapon for skills.

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I dont think it does this. I think it raises when you add points to it and when you level up. Id have to look at it closer however.

All I know is I was using a weapon that added a sixty points to power and using a skill that did like 9 pts of dmg. I didnt see sixty plus points in damage on screen as a result.