We should all get partial refunds for this

To say I love Diablo II is an understatement. I have put several thousands of hours into it over the course of 18 years. Vicarious Visions work on Diablo II: Resurrected is incredible. The game itself is everything I hoped for in a Diablo II Remaster.

…but here we are AGAIN waiting on a server outage. I get one day, ONE DAY out of every two weeks to sit and grind for several hours on the great remaster of my favorite game of all time and that’s today. The servers went down yesterday morning and they went down this morning too.

I am absolutely fed up with this. Straight up livid. We ALL deserve a $20 refund for Blizzards half of the service on the game being atrocious.

People who defend Blizzard say
“This is normal for game launches, calm down, it happened to Diablo III too”.

It happened to Diablo III for less than a week. These outages have been happening consistently for THREE WEEKS now. There’s absolutely no excuse for this now. This is indefensible.

I just have to accept that Blizzard died when Activision devoured it. I am not spending another cent on this piece of &%$#@ ##$%& company.


what did it say in your purchase agreement when you bought the game? did it say anything about partial refunds. im sure blizzard will honor their legal obligations and if they do not you may exact a remedy through due process.

its the same with battle.net downloader and TBC patches havent been able to do anything for 24h nows… and then we pay a monthly subscription to get played like this??? they were like this 10 years ago has nothing changed since then or whaat?