We encountered an issue completing your transaction

I’ve opened a ticket for this, and see at least one other topic on the matter.

My card info is correct, I have funds, I’ve cleared caches and any previously saved info. I can see Blizzard communicating with my bank through both $1 and $74.

Does anyone have any information?


Hi, I have the same issue, wanted to purchase Diablo IV UE, error message appeared, don´t understand, I have bnet acc many years, bought many games by my pre-set credit card and no problems and now I see 3 times reserved payment on my bank account. Blizzard assured me, that payments will not be charged, because order failed. I tried to remove card and add it again, I can´t, 1 EUR confirmation fee is again reserved on my bank account. I think there are some problems at Blizz side definitely.


Thanks a bunch for the confirmation. I felt like I was taking crazy pills. There’s a tiny post on reddit with the same issue.

Update: support staff say the matter is being investigated. Hopefully it’s resolved soon.

Thanks for the quick ticket responses, GMs.


Same, i recently got a new credit card and tried to buy D4. It kept saying “error occurred.” I even tried manually adding funds to my balance instead of outright buying D4 and it didn’t work. When I went and deleted past billing information and tried to input new billing information, it gave me the error
" We encountered an issue completing your transaction. Please try again later. If the issue persists, [please click here.]"
Sent a ticket to support 20 mins ago to see if anything is up. Would like to buy D4 and get it downloading since Im extremely busy with college midterms and projects today and tomorrow.

edit: I have looked at my bank and i see a pending 1 dollar transaction. I have funds available in my account and I have also quickly contacted my bank and they say everything is fine on their end.

Same here, I tried multiple cards and all the same issue. I can’t even add a new card for a defult on the blizzard acct page

Same issue here, on both the PC client and the website.

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same, submited a ticket but no response, also bank assures me every transaction ive tried, they have approved, an have no blocks on my accounts or anything. this is certainly on blizzards end. Would be nice if they communicated it some way tho… would also like too get things ready…

I also have the same issues i tried everything they said but to no avail

I also tried contacted my card company about this but they only told me that the transaction is already done and the BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT already accepted the payment,

But when i talk the support center about this they told me that no transaction has been done like WTF

I also have the same issues, however in my case the charge did not actually go through. It was pending then canceled. I still have not gotten my purchase to work though. Or charge me since then. I keep getting errors, and of course blizzard support doesn’t respond.

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I am also having this problem.

The first time I tried to purchase Diablo 4 I got the error message and the funds got taken from my account, within about a minute the transaction disappeared from my bank account and was refunded. Since then I have tried numerous different cards, have tried purchasing via the website through my mobile phone both on wifi and through cellular data and I have also tried using two different blizzard accounts and still keep getting the error.

I really hope I don’t wake up in the morning to 5 transactions relating to Diablo 4.


Exact same issue here.

error message with funds taken from my account but no Diablo 4 to show for it. Using different browsers, cards, and phone also didn’t work. I even had a friend try gifting me a copy as he was able to buy it without issue, but even then it failed.

Hi, my friend offered to me, that he will buy it again and send it as a gift to me, but I stopped him from doing that, especially after reading your post.

EDIT: my friend insisted and bought it to me and money were charged from his account, but the transaction is in a state “pending” :slight_smile:

I had the same issue, got a copy and paste response from blizzard. couldn’t buy D4 myself even though they managed to take $1 out of my account blizzard seems to think its my card information thats wrong. my partner tried to gift D4 to me had the money come out 4x no game… just told to delete payment info and try again. wonderfully helpful.


Yes Kitcha, I received the same reply yesterday, it seems they still don´t understand that this problem is on their side.


And yep, it’s still an issue. sigh

Same issue here. Im hoping I can get a code from KFC seeing I cant buy the game sigh.

I have the same issue in the US. Tried multiple cards (debit/credit/bank card, 2 different visa gift cards), confirmed funds, etc. What ultimately allowed me to move forward was switching from my bank card to my credit card. For some reason, it seems to have issues processing against any form of bank/debit card, even if that card allows you to run it as credit. Same issue when trying to adds funds from a gift card.

And sadly, Blizzard support was useless. All they did was send me the help article, which I had already tried exhaustively in my own troubleshooting before reaching out to them.


So I got mine to work by switching cards… (Moved money from my bank account to my cashapp and used my cashapp card which I have previously used to purchase diablo 3 so I had confirmation it works on the site) I would suggest contacting your banks and asking why it isn’t completely going through… Also the $1 charge should always be pending/canceled never actually charged.

12 hours later - tried again - no success. The pending transactions from yesterday are no longer listed on my bank account.

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I hope we can do like yours but unfortunately we are waiting for our refunds

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