WCS bundles before 2017

Dear, Blizzard,
Congrats on the 10 year of Starcraft 2! I really love the Starcraft 2 10th anniversary events gave the opportunity to all the fans who missed the previous old WCS warchest bundle to purchase them. However, the anniversay events does not have WCS bundle before 2017. I am a big fan of starcraft that would like to collect all the starcraft 2 treasures. I did not get a chance to collect the WCS 2016 and earlier WCS bundle because I joined the starcraft 2 wonderful community in late 2017. I knew that there were no war chest before 2017 but portraint bundle instead. Blizzard, can you guys make the WCS 2016 or earlier bundle available on the shop? I think a lot of fans would like to purchase the WCS 2016 portrait bundle since ByuN is so UNBELIEVABLE!