WC3 Reforged Campaign easier?

I can’t find a category for Reforged so I’m posting here. I just started up the WC3 Reforged campaign, keen to have another playthrough on hard with all the new graphics and stuff. Except this time suddenly I’m tearing through it on hard, no problem, and I remember even the early levels being a bit of a challenge if you’re not on to it.

Now I’ve finished the Hearthglen defense level and I know for sure they’ve made it significantly easier. Usually they start sending level 6 and 10 liches at you from pretty early on but in Reforged they never come. So i proceed to steamroll through the level and end up feeling disappointed, especially considering that I didn’t see any indication from Blizzard they would be making the campaign significantly easier.

With the release of Reforged, WC3 got its own set of forums that can be found here: