Warzone/MWII Immediately Crashing my PC

So I bought Warzone a while ago and it was fine until recently I tried to play and my pc would immediately “crash” when the game would open. I hoped I could wait and just see if MWII would work fine. It doesn’t. I figured it might just be blizzard, so I tried on steam. Same thing. Anyone know wtf is happening? Ive got an RTX 3080 and Ryzen 5 5900x, its not my pc. I’ve tried on two different SSDS. Sometimes the little window with the loading bar will open for a second and then my pc crashes and immediately reboots. I tried basically everything with warzone and have tried a ton with MWII, messed with firewall settings and all. Any ideas?

This is a repost, I think I put it under the wrong section, sorry about that.