Warzone2 download speed stuck in the KBs

Stuck at 25% download for hours, getting 8 KB/s.

What is going on with battlenet? Can download on my Xbox at 70MB/s. It isn’t warzone itself. Where is the public update to this issue?

I got the same issue.

yep same here , download went fast until it hit 25% now it is stuck for 30mins on the same % and getting 90KB a second , while im on a fiber network with LAN cable connection ( 1gig download speed on the modem …) battle net servers just cant handle all the downloads that are happening i guess… not even gonna start about how crappy the game runs on the nvidia drivers ( i got a beast pc and each start of a multiplayer match i have 40 sec or more extreme lag like im on 200ping or more)
they ask 70€ minimum for the game but it is not even on point yet , but hey they got the money right why would they give a F

Went from 35% to 37% in 2 hours.

I have made a mental note to never buy another game from battlenet as I downloaded Warzone from steam in 5 minutes.

yeah sweet thanks Blizzard good idea pairing MW2 and Warzone 2 so now I can’t even decide to play MW2 until this crap pans out

crap game crap company thanks a lot

Im having the same problem as well

Currently averaging 734 B/s at this rate I’ll be able to play when I’m 70!!

Hey Blizzard what"s going oin? Speed download 23ko/sec seriously !!! I want to play

EVERYONE stop downloading on blizzard download via STEAM was getting kb/s never over 100 even then switched to steam and downloaded 6 gigs in under a minute.

How do I do that? I try to add non-steam game and it doesn’t update, so idk what I am doing wrong.