Warzone unable to download

Hi there,
I can’t download Warzone. The problem is that I started the installation tool click start download button, it has no response. Can you help me? Thank you.

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Yeah same here, I click on install and the installator is just stuck. Please help


The same, also there is no download bottom for games that I haven’t download.

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Hey there, thanks for reaching out! If the “Start Install” has no response, this typically indicates that the Blizzard Agent couldn’t begin the installation due to a third-party conflict or a separate network-related issue. Try the steps listed towards the bottom of this page to help narrow-down what’s causing the issue.

My COD warzone will not go passed the setup window. when I click install it just sits there. No signs of loading whatsoever.

please help!

I am having the same issue. I can download other games, Diablo is going just fine. But Warfare seems unresponsive. Both on Website (Chrome) and Battlenet App (Mac OSX App).

It appears to me that it would be something like an overloaded or down server issue (i.e. 5xx/4xx error)

Please let us know if there is an alternative download option or mirrored server, etc.