Warzone performance dropped BY A HALF!

Hi, so last night I was playing warzone end everything was fine. This morning I started the game and noticed that my fps droped by a half or even more. I’ve built a new system about two weeks ago and had no problems like this before. My avg. fps used to be 120-140, but now it barely reaches 60, in downtown I get 50. What I noticed that my “CPU time” doubled, it always used to be around 5ms. now its 12-15 sometimes even 20, “GPU time” didn’t change. I have no stuttering or any other problems just low fps. I’ve tried messing with graphics options, setting everything on low doesn’t help.

PC specs:
8gb ddr4
game is installed on ssd

Please, help me. I have the EXACT same problem. I’m getting on my nerves trying to resolve this. Can you PLEASE tell me what did you do to make it right??


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