Warzone Not loading with latest patch 1.39.4

I have the latest version of Call of Duty Warzone on my computer and I just installed the latest drivers for my 3080. When i click the play button, it says that it is going to play but then nothing loads and the play button pops up again. I have seen other people with the same issues, but i can’t seem to fix them. i even uninstalled and then installed the game back onto my computer. I do have it installed on a secondary drive and not the drive where my operating system is, but i was able to play that game prior like that with no issue. I had this issue once before when i was running a 1060 so i honestly don’t know where to begin to fix this issue.

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If you have any antivirus you have to fully uninstall the antivirus, then try launching your game, should work after you uninstall the antivirus