Warzone : Game crashes within 3-4 minutes, after jumping from flight

with 3-4 minutes game crashes, after jumping from the flight no re connect option.
Have tried it 10 times, same thing over and over.I have tried scan and fix 3 times

system : i7 8th gen intel 16gb ram, 6 gb RTX 2070.


The same happens to me.
Nvidia 1050Ti 4gb VRAM
I7 8750H

I am having same issue, played a few hours after season 3 release, have crashed every time I launched game since, have tried tons of things nothing is working, keep reading PC crash issues in patch notes but yet the problem is only getting worse

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The same happens to me.
Nvidia RTX 2080 8G VRAM
i7 8700 3.20GHz

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same is happening to me but in world of warcraft, maybe its a battle.net issue

I had the same issues. My system is 3050ti, 5600h and 8 gigs 3200mhz rams. Now i dont have this problem. The solution is deleting the game. I bought bfv and bf2042 and i got no crashes. Only fun lol