Warzone crashes

i have been having nothing but problems with warzone since you guys introduced the anti cheat?? is this ever going to be fixed or is warzone just ruined for pc? i already fixed the cannot launch game error by cutting and creating new file for warzone and was playing fine for about 24 hours and now when i launch the game as soon as shaders installs the game crashes but i do not get any error messages or anything. obviously my drivers are all up to date and i dont know what the problem is can someone please assist me.


just wondering if you ever got any feedback because mine is doing the exact same. I can’t even launch the game through the launcher over half the time. Then my game will randomly freeze and dev error all the time. Super super superrrrrr frustrating to have this very wealthy company that can’t fix problems that have been known and established wellllllll before Caldera ever came out. And then throw more on top of that with this update. Hope your game works out bud.