Warzone and account linking issue and download game. Non-COD owner

I am accessing the COD website and linking the account. For some odd reason, the COD website is having a website issue. I click download now it takes me an area where you have a choice to download the platform area. I pick Blizzard and it won’t click anything. So I checked Region and cannot change region it only shows a highlighted button that says CHANGE. I think Blizzard and COD websites have issues. Someone needs to contact COD developers and look into the website. I wonder if the buttons don’t work for some reason? I have a clean computer and browser. Custom built experienced user. Firefox user all up to date. Figured this would be worthy to report in case something needs a quick maintenance. (EDIT) I have resolved the problem myself by verifying the account.

same happens to me,but maybe there are alot of players