WARZONE (0xc000005) agent failed to start correctly

so it started with
i downloaded battlenet and warzone instalatiom files
after the battlenet installation was completed i got an error message
(0xc000005) Agent.exe failed to start correctly
but battlenet was still running
i put my email and password and logged in
i wasnt able to click anything and then battlenet crashed and kept crashing
in the meantime the warzone instalation completed and it got me back into the battlenet app which was constantly crashing
somehow i downloaded the game and god it was aweful
kept grinding for few days without turning my pc off even for a millisecond
i switched off my pc for 30 mins just bcoz i had to go get supplies
when i came back
and tried to play game
it gave me error (0xc00005)
i did everything humanly possible to fix it and nothing is helping
however there are some ghetto tricks which worked but if u restart
u gotta start from scratch again
delete battlenet (add or remove program)
clear app data and program data
delete setup
reinstall as administrator
and it will let u in with the same error
download warzone setup even if u have the game
if u dont then battlenet will crash if u click (browse location)

dont reinstall game no matter what
its 128 GB of pain and it comes with a different problem
battlenet gets stuck and wont uninstall
and u will have to clear app data and program data first and then through control panel delete battlenet and then remove the program

another way that i found was deleting geforce experience and reinstalling battlenet and after u run it as admin
login and do nothing
download gforce experience back and log in and open cod from there it will take u to location file of cod and u will be able to play it
but each time u wanna play u have to reinstall battlenet and geforce experience completely and login again to play
and thanks to our battlenet servers
we all know how easy it is to download 4.7MB file as compared to 113MB of geforce
i have everything fully updated good wifi
i just wanted to try realtime ray tracing in this game but its been cancer bcoz i only got 5 days of experience and one month of errors

windows 10
geforce game ready driver version 451.48
everything i have is up to date
so if anyone has a permanent solution kindly enlighten me
and if developers are seeing thing
i just wanna say one thing
“why are u doing this to us?”

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Idk if you’ll see this but Ive been facing this issue for a month now and can’t find a way around it. The game used to run perfectly fine a month ago. Its just so frustrating and I can’t play the game anymore