WarGameHelper expansion

I am posting to reach out to the community on the viability and the legality of expanding the WarGameHelper addon to do more than simply spectate war games, but other events that take place in the game.

Is this sort of thing possible with the functionality provided in the WoW API?

Is this sort of thing legal with the way the TOS is phrased? Would this be bannable?

Your response would be most appreciated.

Hi Dakera,

I am but an Engineer so I can only speak to the technical portion of this question, so apologies for the partial answer. Currently, in regards to the “web APIs”, those being the WoW Game Data and Profile APIs, there is no functionality for interfacing with the game in real-time.

In regards to the in-game LUA addon API, those questions would be best fielded over on the UI & Macro section of the main WoW forum.