Warcraft VI unsolicited submission


The hardest part about creating Warcraft VI was maintaining the Warcraft feeling.

First we have the Naga.
Kept under the sea , ironically with their own Lightening magic, which was ironically their bane, they remained submerged for years, until

A human warlock opened a gate into a Demon plain, where awaiting him was a Fell Warlock who sealed the gate open,

Introducing the second enemy, shifting the tide of war.


(Instead of balancing the Naga first, to demonstrate how thorough my vision is, I’ll explain the coding required from the programmers:)
[My friend is a programmer*]

1.) Give units the Ability to Disarm one another.

This means predominantly:
A.) Upgrade Structures that have influences on crits, parries, dodges, fatigue, trade skills.

It is important, to make there so many upgrades in the game that your build is specialized every match.

And B.) Units have inventory.

2.) Every unit has its own level.
A hero would start weaker, at level “zero” and can’t respawn without the Alter.
√A.) Levels would give your unit available perks.
(Different units can have tech trees for perks, which limit consecutive options, while others can have open pallets, and others limited options per sets, or just a set [that unlocks automatically each level].
Every unit can have all of the above available, for various @Quality effects.)
√b.) Levels unlock level specific upgrades.

There is no need to elaborate,
If I wasn’t a life long fan and a scholar.


Training Yard.
Tabernacle. (Collapsible mage tent)
Tavern. -remove dwarven riflemen as a mainstay.

Stable: anyone can mount a horse.
(At this point I really need a diagram to show you, I don’t have a priority.)
Knights likewise, not built at stables, can be dismounted. Thereby a knight can forfeit his horse, but is not an infantryman*.

Forge: weapons being disarmed, means are itemized.
A.) Upgrading a “sword” is i.) Smith confidence ii.) Prepared workspace and iii.) Equipped smith.

B.) Sword automatically regenerate to a minimum cap. (IE. 5/5) to suppliment disarmed units.

1.) They auto equip to soldiers within proximity of a Forge, a Barracks, or an annexed workshop.
a.) You can select auto equip at the Forge, or Barracks(as a standard function); b.) Each unit can be set to auto equip.
{Auto equip toggle is essential to keep good equipment out of the wrong hands.}.

C.) You can produce more than the cap, buy paying for them. You can pay less, and wait for it to generate.

x.) I recommend, for the most specific team builds per match,
That you must Unlock higher quality Swords, meaning bigger and initially insufficient to dispatch An army(“with”). Which adds a regen cap to them also.

Okay, i am am going to get a little personal here:

A Salvage Forge: looting a field allows you to trash items.
You can trash your own autogen swords, but must manually disarm the units and turn off auto. Loot, is cheap.

Let’s get impersonal_.:

An orc can use human weapons, but a human can’t swing a chipped rock hammer or sword, so, they will auto trash. toggle trashing other weapons.

A.) Lances.
A knight can be trained to be better with a Lance, but it regenerates. Giving them an item that can be broken. ***
B.) Pikes. These are discarded after use, (loot).

Okay, so I can go on about structures, and the vast array of different magic places, which spreads the variety of upgrades about, often going back and forth in chronology.

But then I you can always ask.

Buildings Continued:

Gryphon stable. Auto gens gryphons. These are necessary for the Gryphon nest to work at functioning pace. Otherwise you have to spawn the Gryphon then the rider. The Nest also has a cap of riders. Because he is epic, and that lightening hammer is a great early late game charm.

The TownHall:
Can annex into it Buildings.
Generally 1 pre-tier per tier. Meaning you can build a Nest in a level 4 building. With a barrack, and a Forge in it already perhaps. Protect them.***

A Blood Elf Embassy. Level 5 tier
Just because they are nasty and good at countering enemy Unit Perks and upgrades. (I scripted this whole attitude).

Mercinary dens: Wargens are neutral. And can be bought for less then they are worth, more than they are worth, about right high tier and as champions.

Now, biting a unit from behind would add an element to the game. But, like using trees as barriers, it’s not essential.
Rouges can use shadow melds that vary with perks and upgrades that allow them to crit in combat, when not hit yet, and when untargetted.

If I can go on?:

Okay I will; Elf then. "No Naga:

Naga are broke. One Naga is easily the most power basic unit. Since it is a tier one unit. Naga are played like the orcs because they are upgraded to specialized trades.

Troglodytes mine gold, and build trog buildings and barricades. - Naga can’t go through barricades, orca get hurt if they load them, humans slowly traverse and elves are unaffected, undead are unit specific, and Fell might get hurt. You have to enter a barricade to not go around it, unless it is barricaded*.

Naga have a Bazaar play technique. Since they generally are a slower team, they builds portals by erecting megaliths.

Now allow me to explain: naga units are the builders; one Naga is usually enough, but by adding another it isn’t twice as fast(% bonus >200%), up until you have the optimum amount of grunt labourers. A witch them finishes it off, and is necessary to reduce the grunts efforts (fatigue).
This is your society.
Trogs are necessary for the most extensive projects I presume to reduce rubble so it’s easy to slide".

The portals link, so you can gain rapid access mid game from base to mobs. Selectively, and can be upgraded to universal, from one way, etc.

Elf: the elves are dead and dying, but the Fell didn’t land in their dominion, so they have to might to keep it at bay. This is their strength.

Elven units that aren’t feathers of a flock, have diversity perks. Maturity.
Okay so from here on in, I am designing the game. Not "telling you.


Guild Hall. The old Archer den:
Units that are produced here belong here and get its upgrades.
They can be assigned here automatically from the war-elder or ToL.
Meaning at the WE there needs to guild tabs. We can be sexist about roles (weren’t sex exclusive guilds…). an unassigned elf will auto assign to nearest unfilled guild.

Elves are played with the least numbers, next to Naga,generally. And players need to navigate around them more often than not. This sounds counter to my earlier “builds-diversity” statement: amend it; Elves can direct attack.

If we think if every elf life as important, I don’t think I need to drive this one. But make duel headed dragons more prestigious. And make undead death Drake’s limited per building + cursed mobs. Even limiting purchases.
If I were to write Nightelf Dragon Units, it would be free with structure, and long spawns.
As if the structure heralds the beast.

***it is important to note that buildings don’t perish. They leave rubble. Making it cheaper and faster to salvage than build anew.

For elves, for remastering any New guildhall, you can rapid Salvage a former Guild, but this will cause it to behave like an incomplete structure until it remasters. Auto updating the roster spawning elsewhere*.

Dedication footnotes : [Alright, is this is brutal. It started to snow today and all I have for travel is a bike, 20 kilometers from a computer in either direction, and all I have to type is my phone. But I set the due date for Monday 15th]

So, I apologize there is no graphics, or effects.

I, I can’t do this to you guys. I need to take it out of context to continue.

The Naga have a Bazaar which is a large building that you can walk on. The bazaar comes with four specialties each that can be specialized I suppose
@ Spears. By upgrading a Naga to polearm, the original generating item tiers so long as he lives. He also unlocks another purchase able polearm. You can upgrade at the bazaar, though mainly purchase and buy generating weapons.
& swords.
$ witchdoctor
% bestial
So it has four health bars.

For every race you get many free units with buildings initially. Naga though, get unspawned default units. You choose what they are after. They are not special units, that have exclusive skills, built at megaliths. These are your workers.

If Naga were on your base level 1. They’d crush. However, the map is so big, that a 1v1 is a 3v3 basically. That’s how I see it. That’s how you maintain the original feel in an updated version. 4v4 is like an 8v8 legacy map, but there is nothing larger than m4v4 because it’s so huge. Sorry to bully.

Okay so, here me out here, because I can do more balancing, but I was never one to play fare. I ugh ^ boss. So see if you like me here :

The Orcs “all” spawn Unique.
They have stats that major and minor.
You can choose what you get, but randoms having higher maxes.
There are special units, but they aren’t Brutes.

Orcs charge faster than anyone. You’d think humans had a moral sprint that may “accelerate” (I’m throwing that one at you) as they run, towards allies in combat. But minus the full speed, orcs are brutal.

An Orc disarming you is likely. They knock you. They dismount you with axes.

Any unit can climb a tree. Ao.
If you aren’t zoomed in, you can’t see under the canopy into the fog. But only zooming out allows you to see men in the canopy. “It’s the equivilent of looking up”.
So adding bushes, etc in forests, is mint.

I’d also like to add, wading in water, which effects orcs the least. Minus undead, fell and … Naga.
And climbing rock faces which is standard to all units***.
Climbing rock faces is admittedly so far the hardest thing I have done to you. Because it adds so many adjustments.
(" but just, the Naga going up a rock front." You gotta add a shadow to rock faces that you aren’t about.)

#personalized pause. For reader’s consideration.

am Doing a Part 2.

Kay, first the end game has to different. Humans can loose their city. But elves need to loose their unit production. Orcs should be forced to stop if their ability to do DPS is impossible by measure of enemy power, indicating orc survivability. Fell should have a power core. And I don’t know about the Naga really. I guess if a witch and worker can’t rebuild a city.

Second. Infantry can build things. And assist houses.
Secondly, humans need bigger houses, not upgrades, at higher tiers.

Units being produced with buildings is essential for all races.
We want ridiculous army sizes.
Human settlements go up past City to Principality then Fortress.the reason I say that is because it forces you to choose tiering over rounding. And when the gold is gone if you built right, you should execute not postpone.
So,you can imagine there are plateaus(which I am calling Freezing*_-=÷^°).<-- look at these emojis; that’s class.

Dragons will whipe you out if you don’t have late tier magic. Archers aren’t dragonpoor.

Save for elves and undead. Which are on the early end of late tier by my Story That Write Itself estimation.

So, if Drake’s can be dominated at lake game mobs,

We can say that Tauren are also Neutral. Everyone has Tauren.
Undead not so soon, because it’s such an archetype shift.
Specialized to each Race? * -

I had a really hard time trying to tell you to do buildings my way.
But I feel it is kind of necessary, you know.

I don’t want to patronize. I want you to share my vision, so you can honestly critic it, instead of drowning.

I think you’ll find I did my work.

Imagine humans had a Formation Function:

*A.) Defensive front. This front faces enemy. And additional units will spread themselves out on the backside to square off. Squaring off. This prevents insurgents, which can Mwld into the fog, and backhand LASH you.

B.) Stand. Spread out on field for knights, wizard aoe and targeting in fog, tactic chase.

And then the weapon effectiveness.

This goes almost tow to toe, with Talents which you’d primarily learn at Training Ground, since you rallied farm peasants. Where a Knight would Lance you, then use his onhand readily, before retreating. Instead of retreating without the Swift knick. Because without it, he’s bound to get roughed up by an Orc ready do die on the front line.

See what I mean: “patronizing”.
A knight may also not have a Lance, and have increased attack speed with an offhand instead of a shield.

Which is a Formation & talent. Splicing.

You give them so many weapons and horse tricks, that you don’t need them all. And do much of this by making the Upgrade a Instant Level Appropriate Charm in all living and or building units.
Other formation upgrades often require returning home or channeling within proximity of a trained soldier. Like it is itemized (“and infectious.”).

_/ forgive me, but I am no longer necessary here. grin.

More mobs should run. Not even always in your sight.

Give me a Fell hierarchy. Dominated by the Cleavers. So many diverse units that the undead seem rudimentary. Not really. But generally, you know what I speak

The undead have acolytes, ghouls, undead, spiders, banshees, witches, mage, and the formidable abominations. Gargoyles.

Golemns are also a broad human, undead asset. Trolls too.

I’d also give Trolls to the Elves.* [spoiler alert: this doesn’t in my mind add much in the way of upgrades, skills, effects. Not in my perception. Albeit.]
So bats, are Orc and elf.
Orcs can also catch Harpies, and release them with activation traps: which counts as a kill for unit exp.


I want humans stronger than undead humans. All corpses resurrectable. So what I mean is large human armies, faster built than Orc, but yet smaller than the undead, making their diversity somewhat expensive for specialized.

So read me here. Naga have Fatigue. I don’t see this as a shared aspect. Use it wisely, because you need it to flee.*

(I really threw that at you, because I like Naga. It changed my life. It is Warcraft to me.)

©>Lightening though!. When orcs got that, it must have sent rage. The paradigm shift did nothing in their favor.

Sea Gators. I love that word. You don’t need to specialize for it. But if you have a bestial specialization you can “Form Up” to lead them and use them to initiate Crits and hamper enemy movement.

XBestial Bazaar specialization was meant to mean nets and apparatus. But that could easily be more or less dispersed.

If elves CO-targeting enemies reduced attack speed but increased DPS, then one might think
Orcs had brutilization,
Naga had knacks,
Humans had lifesupprt,
Undead really had nothing,
And the Fell were so imposing it was basically damnation with no perk. (Fell need space, unless they are wicxans (shoulder to shoulder demon men troops.). (*forgive my "prejudice comment}


If you’d like to talk about this with me, I am happy to fill in gaps, explain, accept cridics, etc (one more thing: rationalize)

This really is ansky because no one is going to accept unsolicited advice,

But if I had to pull the stops out, I’d admit, that I don’t feel I endorsed the full true Warcraft feel when,

I suggest you pick your first Hero, to display after the map loads, indicating the troops you get for free at the start for picking that hero. Also granting that hero specific loadout options perhaps. Map specific. & never excusing racial starting unit loadout options also. Which could branch into a third art of loadout spawn points, to add in the finishing touches.
H.R.P. loudout.

#brief intermission.

Now absolutely, I do not feel like that is enough, in all I said, without the Plot. It’s what makes it.

The Naga didn’t forfeit the land when they claimed the sea. They were “Banished”, by threat if not anything else.
But with the Paradigm, Fell topple Human stability and are ignorant to the undead, but treaty with Orc. It’s a perfect display of Warcraft.

" We Didn’t ForFeit The SKY!!! when We Dominated That Bellow!"
A Senate of, “I’m not better than you. We are better than them*.”
In a realm where magic is predominantly domain specific, and advancement isn’t much possible, arguably.

They are back. And the ruins tell the story, of ancient magic methodology of their fallen kingdom. Wargens. It’s perverse magic
Down to the sensual abdomen and the Feminism. She is a pervert: they have muzzles.

I can just imagine stone quarry, - which is an essential human reserve (they can build pits, as they can also build mines) for bridges, damns, walls. Towers I suppose. Arbolist mounted as fixtures. - built by troglodytes who gather barricade resources in doing so, so that Naga can find megaliths and begin
Erecting massive structures. When the laying about stones are all salvaged*. And you need more.
<Of course with classic scale, set to a massive map. >

Now because I have to shut up:
Elves meld on the fringes of your sight in terrain.

And graphics aren’t important. Texture is*. We don’t need better units. We need myriads.

And if orcs can be juiced, I suppose they can be immune to troglodyte barricade damage.

So anyways.
Let me know what you think at Lord_gord@msn.com
My StarCraft is awesome too.
[I am on my phone. Please forgive me. It is actually worth reading. It is a markettable Warcraft 4. Not a knockoff.]if I get some likes, i’ll submit my starcraft. i already typed it.
& tabernacles hve auras. Consecutive taberncles unlock additional auras. From 4 default to 5 options, then the third gives you the option you declined the second time. These also unlock new talent trees, The first didnt provide.

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