Warcraft III - Weird texture and icon bugs / glitches

Specs: Game is running on Windows 10 64-bit through Bootcamp on Macbook Pro 15-inch 2016 with dedicated GPU.

I am running the French-language version of WC3. But I also recently uninstalled it and reinstalled the standard English (US) version and the problem still persisted, so we know then that the language version has nothing to do with the issues.

Anyway, so I hadn’t played WC3 in quite a few months, and I started playing the campaigns again some days ago, and noticed that something weird was happening randomly during the game.

Basically, some units would have swapped texture maps of other items/props/units/objects/what-have-you and then when I reload the map from, say, a save file, it looked like it fixed the problem but then some other unit would have the same bug with another random texture map.

And then there’s the issue with the icons. This again happens randomly and changes every time I reload a map: some units would display their icons with a glitched image, sometimes one belonging to a different item or unit or function, and this is true also for functional buttons. I’ll give some examples of both issues in the following link:


Another weird thing that happens is, when I try to reload a saved game to see if the texture and icon issue would fix itself, sometimes the water itself would start glitching too, with it vanishing or its texture glitching for like a frame or so every few seconds.

And mind, you I have already uninstalled the game multiple times, deleted all the Blizzard and Battle. net documents on my PC, and then reinstalled the game using Blizzard’s own installer (I still have my own original CD keys for RoC and TFT from when I bought em in 2003), and it still has this problem. I think this started happening with the last patch that came out for this game.

I’m surprised there hasn’t been much talk about this, and would assume it’s happening to a lot of people as well. Is this present for anyone who is running the game on Windows 10 64-bit as well?

Blizzard, hope you come out with a patch for this soon, OR at the very least fix it when WC3 is integrated into the Blizzard Launcher once Reforged is released. Even if this is just happening with the French version, it’s still an issue that y’all should fix, especially since I think it was your own patch work that screwed it up.

You might be experiencing the symptoms of an overheating graphics processor. If you’ve never cleaned the dust out of your Macbook since you’ve had it, I’d recommend doing so right away.

Have been having the same problem on my brand new acer nitro 5 gaming laptop… gpu is spitting out 210 FPS and running at a cool 50* C so it definitely isn’t overheating or dust on the gpu. I’m assuming it doesn’t like something in my resolution settings or something along those lines but I have tried changing resolutions and such to no avail. The one thing that seems to always render incorrectly is info boxes in custom games (you know the box in the top right that tells you how many lives everyone has left or your income etc.) it makes it difficult to read because the background behind the words gets scrambled