Warcraft III / Warcraft III Reforged

As I installed my old Warcraft III game on Blizzard’s current launcher, I noticed, to my surpise, that the new edition, Warcraft III Reforged, was only available for the same price. Having to pay full price, for a graphics update to a game I already owned left a sour taste, as I assumed there would be some other options available. I already reached customer service and they referred me here, on the forums, apparently not within the realm to resolve this issue, which is understandable, as this is the company policy, however, it is a bit of a rip-off, to have to fully repurchase a game I already own, for full price, with no other option.

Hey Thraex,

I’m not quite following what you did. But, if you have a RoC CD key linked in your Battlenet account, you will be able to play the non-Reforged mode of WC3R.

I have both RoC and TFT, have installed them, and they have been working perfectly, my question is why do we, who already own WCIII, have to pay full price for the Reforged. I would be willing to pay, had I not owned the game, but paying full price for just the upgraded graphics seems a little too much.

Ah I see.

That was decision made by Bliz. I suspect it was to recoup the costs that went into creating the new Reforged features. In order to use the new content, it has to be purchased.

Understandable, but unfair, considering that, technically, us who own the game, will receive less content than those who don’t, for the same price, without any form of compensation, even symbolic.

If it were to go on sale, more people might spend money on it. That’s what what I’m waiting on. It’s kind of odd that two years out and it’s conspicuously missing from all the seasonal sale events. I know it didn’t exactly meet its sales goals, but something is better than nothing, right?