Warcraft II Remastered & Sexual Lawsuits

Blizzard confirms player profiles and ranked play is being worked on,
Warcraft III: Reforged Developer Update — Player Profiles — Warcraft III: Reforged — Blizzard News
the company is currently dealing with covid-19 and multiple sexual related lawsuits, not to mention protests against the company by feminists… it maybe a great time to short the stock until we hear Blizzard will release ladder games again with Warcraft 3 Reforged, otherwise the company may go bankrupt, but a WC II Remastered could really help them get their name back up if they do a good job, would be first time in awhile.

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If it is a remaster made by, or at the very least involving people who actually play the game that would be nice. Thing is Blizzard seems to hate their players and legacy most of their developers now probably never played or understood these games and they probably suck at them very hard too…

In my opinion they need to start hiring people that actually care and keep updating/playing their old games. How about people that keep improving them on private servers? Or at least get in touch with them, obviously they know the game better than you.
The freaking CEO said devs concluded it was not fun anymore in an interview after playing a few missions on a dusty unearthed and freshly compiled source code. The fact that he does not realize how stupid that statement really was is very foreshadowing. All your fancy resumes will give you are fancy butchered games.

There is a guy on the RU private server who’s pseudonym is Mistral, he has a Github that he is willing to share with Blizzard is asked for. it has all the non-destructive modifications he made to improve the state of the game on these servers. How about starting there? These changes were mostly well received by the community there. Maybe contact him?
Oh and if you don’t know anything about wc2 instead of un-earthing and compiling a source code from your archives maybe just check Youtube and Twitch for people that stream and play it to this day first? We probably understand what is funny about it better than you and probably we can help you understand what you were missing, just a thought. The simple fact that it did not even scratch their imagination and that they still had a place in the decision making is really mind boggling.

That said you are welcome to play the game online with us that would be a start…
But if playing a few campaign missions alone on a old source code is all your employees thought about before considering remastering the game, you probably want to hire more competent people… I am sorry but it is true, your players and fans is where you should start investigating something like this. Compiling the old source code only comes after you know why and what you want to do with it.

I can already tell the lack of communication between the fans and the people working on these games is at the center of what made them so terribly bad. And as of today the disdain and total lack of care of the Blizzard staff toward the state of this forum (freaking advertising for money plans for god sake its been about a month and it is still up there) and the people that have manifested their concerns about the game is beyond disgusting. As long as we wont see any change in that regard I am sorry to say but Id rather have no remaster at all… I already know it will be butchered…

Just have to wait and see, eh?