Warcraft 3 reforged

Play has been replaced with buy now? I own the game thru game key activation from my old CD key I had a while back something happen? can longer open the game last played in November 2022.


Are you using the same Battle.Net account (e-mail + password) ?
If you are, perhaps your account got hacked.

Do you have other licenses on that Battle.Net account? Are they working correctly ?

If you cannot resolve it on your own, contact Blizzard Support directly with a ticket; use the following link and click “Contact Us” to start the process:

Account issues cannot be resolved on the forums, you need to contact Blizzard Support directly with a ticket for help.

For future reference, Warcraft III: Reforged now has its own dedicated forums here:

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Had the same issue… tried all the fixes, updating password and all of that. Nothing worked. Then one day… it fixed itself. Guess thats your best bet aswell… to just wait.

Yes… but you have a Europe region battletag… @honestabe has a America region battletag. You probably play on Europe… while @honestabe probably plays on America.

The problem you had is rather well known…

and, I think, only affected Europe.

But… let’s see if and what OP replies.

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