[Warcraft 3 Classic] Purple border during cinematic

First, I have no internet connectivity on my PC.

I installed RoC and TFT from the discs and updated with patches to 1.27 as that’s as much as I can download without having the Blizzard Launcher. At first videos would not play and so from CMD I ran regsvr32 “C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\blizzard.ax” to register that properly.

Now I get video with a purple border cutting part of it off as though it isn’t centered in the external video player properly.

Starcraft Classic videos do just fine. And I have a whole seperate issue with Diablo II telling me that the Expansion Disc isn’t in my CD-ROM drive.

I’m having this issue on all my OSs.

Windows XP SP3
Windows Vista Ultimate SP 2
Windows 7 SP1

All drivers are up to date.

There isn’t any direct support for installing Warcraft III Diablo II: 2000 or Starcraft I from disk. SC and W3 were remastered and have new clients that do need to be downloaded through the Battle.net Desktop Application. D2: 2000 would need to be downloaded from the downloads page on our website. (First Diablo II then Lord of Destruction.)

While it may be possible to get the games into working condition after installing from disk, it isn’t something we have support for. Our best recommendation would be to take the system somewhere to temporarily gain access to the internet, do the necessary downloads and installs. Launch to complete verification and then you should be able to play without being connected to the internet. (You do need to authenticate at least once every 30 days for W3 and SC.)

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