Warcraft 3 Classic Installer not installing full game

It acts like its installing normally then when it hits 90% it says update complete. Then has the option to launch or repair. When I go to where the game was installed the folder is under 2gbs cant find any movie folder and alot of other stuff seems to be missing. When I hit launch nothing happens everything just closes. The game isn’t in the add removed programs tool on my pc and the blizzard app doesn’t find it either. I think the installer isn’t installing the game properly. Any help? Thanks

I am having the same problem, I was able to play a couple of games, then it crashed. When i went back to relaunch the game it gives you the option to launch or repair, after selecting launch the screen goes black and crashes. It gives no other insight as to what the issue is.

where can i find cd key guys??

Same problem. i install e dont appear maps of frozen throne. How i can fix this?