Warcraft 2 . Battle NET not working

Make Warcraft 2 Like starcraft remastered. What is happand with the servers 1 server to join. cant host games get error screens. cant see what date my last game was played , ladder / Ironman ranking Not working. Everything with this game is totally out of hand and needs a big update . make the game like it was back in the day with brood war diablo 2 / warcraft 2 servers all being connected. i dont get it why do you even have it released when its not working at all. its like buying A Pizza with Pepperoni and cheeze and you only get the Cheese . Come on blizzard. Make this a big hotfix disable battle net untill its fully updated. i Love this game and this is so bad for us warcraft 2 fans a very sad part. i was so hyped when i heard its release and it was released on Battle net. and i Could not even host a game and people was whisper me I cannot join your game. Please :frowning: struggle to port forwarding a game that is almost as old as starcraft brood war and it works perfect smooth like butter. but this game Nothing works! Some people dont even know how to portforward this game I Dont know i cant host games i can only join 1 Hoster that can host games cause he has portforwarding. imagine brood war players need to login router and portforward so they can play that game Online. That game would be super dead. Please!

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