Warbands- a new way to exclude casual and new players

Let me state straight up I haven’t really read anyone else’s post here on warbands and I know this may not really be a great place to be posting about it. I mainly just want to get my feelings out. Also I’m going to preface this a bit so you have an idea where I’m coming from.

Now we all know this game has a pay component, or you should. That’s never going away. People who pay progress quicker and easier and form groups and clans with others who pay cause that is how the game works. It makes the game pretty elitist, maybe that changes when we grind for years, maybe not. I have spent money, I’ll probably spend more, but I am by no means a whale. I am a clan leader, on my server my clan is somewhere just outside the top ten shadow clans, but I expect on most servers we would be considered small time or casual.

I spend a lot of my time helping clan mates improve. Had a lot lately that have gotten to Para 150 and still can’t even grind h3 themselves, but that’s another issue. They come to me, ask questions and to be honest have a hard time getting their head around everything they have to do to progress well.

Most have no idea about everything they can and should be doing. Those that learn and persist still need us to carry them through stuff to progress smoothly. One of the things I carry them through quite often is WB raids.

Right now I spend a good portion of my Thursdays moving people in and out of my WB clearing their weekly voucher or getting them their one off rewards. But I guess, as of next Thursday, me trying to help them will start hurting my progress. I mean they have literally made it so I have to get the top 8 in my clan in my war band and pretty much keep them there. Once again creating another elitist system that prevents or slows new player progression, and I can’t see how it isn’t effecting player retention either.

Sure I can make them form a WB themselves and I can help them clear stuff while being in my own WB now. But honestly I can’t show them how to do the rest of the new WB content when we are in 2 seperate bands. Which means many of them are simply not going to do it.

Now how do we fix it IMHO.

My first reaction is move all WB stuff to Clans. Simply put Clans need more involvement and more value. Shadow War and Rite of Exile doesn’t cut it. And honestly why do 8 players need a castle? This should be a clan thing. Bonus attributes from ancient weapons applied to all 100 players. Maybe some get more, like the 8 weapon contributors, maybe it scales off of time in clan or role. Clan members band together to defend castle from activities. Clans have a surplus of items that members can access. Clans have bonuses members can compete for, earn and upgrade, even if they have to be called rooms. I mean it just makes Clans magnitudes more engaging and exciting.

Ok but blizzard aren’t going to give up on WBs cause someone over there thinks their idea is super cool, and can be saved if they just tweak it right. Fine then don’t transfer all that stuff to clans just double or triple the size of WB and maybe connect them to clans in someway. This will at the least let me move people in and out and show them what they should be doing. And maybe, just maybe, I’m not having to type in chat the instructions to get ancestral weapons or do room management, 11.5 times a week for the other 11.5 WBs that my clan will have to have.

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