Warband Item stuck in inventory after class change

Scenario: I reverted back to my original class Necro from Crusader. I was wearing a Warband item for Crusader when I made the revert back to Necro.
Problem statement: I cannot return the WB item and I cannot destroy the WB item. Now I am not able to use any WB items since the game recognizes I have a WB item in inventory.
Replication steps:
Step 1: Reverted from Crusader back to original class Necro (WB item for Crusader was on my character)
Step 2: Fully logged out of game and back into game
Step 3: Attempted to Return to the Warband Stash button; receiving message: “Can’t return gear with embedded item upgrades and gems”
Step 4: Attempted to destroy WB item and receiving message: “Warband Stash equipment cannot be destroyed”.

This sounds like the item borrowed from the warband has been ranked up. The blacksmith in Westmarch will allow you to transfer the ranks from your borrowed Crusader item onto one of your Necromancer items. Once that’s done, and the Crusader item is back to being Rank 0, try retuning it to the warband stash again.

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The blacksmith will still not transfer rank. I switched to wizard from demonhunter.