Want to have my money back

Good evening!

I’ve got a problem:
The day before yesterday I wrote a message to support to have my money back because a 6-month WoW subscription won’t fit my expectation. I sent 4 similar letters, but each one became marked as ‘solved’ and there are similar comments there. The comment is: “Hello! An error was encountered while processing the request. To fix the situation, contact support”. (That’s why I’m here)

So here is the question:
I want to admit, that the price which is displayed on battle.net was 1,499UAH, but it takes 1,537UAH instead of the previous price. If you need I can send my receipt or a screenshot. I really need to have my money back, I suppose that it takes more time than usual cause I live in Ukraine. However, let me know asap how can I return my money.

Will be waiting for your reply!


Blizzard does not reply here… if you want a reply, you should use another forum, or use the Blizzard Support menu system.

Two suggestions if you can’t use the menu system to ask for a refund…
(I’m not even sure you can get a refund for a subscription)


  • Send a ticket for Purchase failure – it’s the wrong category but it will be read by a human. Make sure you put in all the details such as your Order ID if applicable. Use this link for the ticket (again, Europe English) : https://eu.battle.net/support/en/help/contact/1995/ticket
    Put all the details in the “Description” box. The ticket system is very slow currently in Europe… there are complaints of players not having a response for several days. In that case, you will need to be patient.

Good luck with this.

I do not work for Blizzard, but the difference can be related to the cost of taxes or fees for your region. It can also be caused by currency conversion fees charged by your bank.

The refund policy is here

If you qualify for one then it usually automatically refunds you. If it does not work through the self help too, you can use the need more help option to ask a GM to review the case.

I would suggest posting on the WoW CS forum. This link is US, but maybe they can help explain what might have happened with your purchase and what options you have.

Thanks, guys!
It was really hard to find the right forum to write))
Thanks for your directions, will use the links you sent. Hope everything will be fine!

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