Wait in line --> not the realmdown

What’s up with this? How come there are so many players joining games?


Post Must Be 20 Blah Blah Bah

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Ok there wasn’t any bots from 2000-2018 I guess?

Also get really weird lag on baalruns, where baal takes like 10 sec to send next wave and takes 2-4 sec until the wave appears.

Waves can vary in spawn times depending on active spells/summons/units in the area. Doing Baal runs is a good way to get realm down, lag, or unable to connect though. The runs are usually too fast and Blizzard has stated numerous times that farming fast games lags the servers. Also, bots… big market for bots right now, and if you look at all of the shops fully stocked it’s not really surprising.

Wave took that much time, and I was literally alone in my game with no summons, it also lagged when I teleported.

Edit : No its not my connection.

Every new ladder reset, the game runs worse for me. First I’m forced into window’d mode, now the game is lagging like I have 500000 latency. My computer and connection are fine.

What a joke - 1700 to wait-in line :: servers are toast and over flooded

I’ve noticed that while the line wait is increasing, my toast falls Nutella side to the carpet. This never happens when there is no waiting in line messege.

I have a few days off and wanted to enjoy some classic ladder. But I feel like I’m playing the game from Mars. Everything is super delayed.

not over flooded cause my list wont show any games going on and creating im 8000 in line