VPN ban = no d2 outside of my home

Out on a week long work trip and can’t kick back at the end of the day in my hotel on playing D2 on battle.net.

I get VPN ban is likely to access user data more effectively? But just know its annoying afffffffffffff.

Rant over.

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I can help you with this, but not everyone else. Pm me I will tell you the legit patch through.

Next time try tethering off your phone data. The latency is high, but if you’re close enough to a cell tower the game is playable on B.net

Atnt is really nice for this. There are other tether off your phone tricks too if you sit back and think about it.

I didnt know vpn would freaking get you banned.

I use my home internet, my cellphone w/ hot spot, public wifi in my work dorms (I work remote and live at work half the year), and I’ve used various hotels and other public WiFi. I’ve never once been banned or locked out. This includes public and hotel WiFi in other countries.

I feel like there’s a lot of botters crazy enough to think Blizzard is going to help you bypass their detection methods. You DO NOT need a VPN to play and they are banned so give it up.

What are you talking about and what conclusive statement are you trying to make?

I am having the same issue. On a work trip and just quarantined in this state and just wanna kick back and grind some old school. they should release the temp ban for using business wifi/base wifi during this time of national crisis.