Viva la retro (to the blizzard dev-team)

Im a retro gamer, I like to play old games, I even have an old Power Mac G5 to play old games, like warcraft 2 and o.g starcraft. So I beg you don’t take away compatibility for Starcraft 2 and diablo 3 for use with older Mac´s with system OS X El Capitan. I don’t care for online play so can’t you just gather one patch for us ol´timers that just want to keep the game for singel player or local lan games? just so we all can continue to play this even in the future? Just one patch for each of your games, that maybe stops some new content or online services and what’nots. Dont care, only want to be able to play on my particular not supported version of OS X. In my case El Capitan. So that last working patch that supported the game. Give me :slight_smile: it also preservation for the future, you make amazing games and I want to be able to enjoy them even in the future. Like on my old Power Mac G5 quad I play both Warcraft 2 and Diablo 2 (the games I bought back in the days, yes Im supporter not a pirate!) If you continue on this path were you stop supporting some OS.