Vindictive "Game Masters" and mixed messages

I had one of my guilds names flagged for rename that said it was deemed offensive. The guild name was not in the least bit offensive, so I appealed the decision. The first reply I received from a GM was the canned response about the naming policy which I expected to receive. I replied asking if he could explain to me what about the name was offensive. He, apparently, did not like having his authority questioned. Within 24 hours I got a notification that several characters on my account (characters I haven’t even logged onto for months or years) had been flagged for rename and my account was now suspended.

One of the names he flagged as offensive had been previously flagged and I appealed (successfully) and the responding GM said that there was absolutely nothing offensive about my name and overturned the flag. It sends a very mixed message about the naming policy when one GM says a name is “perfectly fine and not offensive” and another GM flags you and suspends your account for it. I have attached the screenshot of the previous conversation with the GM to the account to appeal the suspension, but I suspect they can already see all of that.

What bothers me most about this whole situation though, is that if I would have just taking the guild name flag and not said anything, my account and other character names would be fine, but because I questioned the flag… I had many characters names flagged (again, characters I havent even logged on to for months to years) AND had my account suspended.

I guess you have to be mindful of names even if a GM informs you its okay? A different GM, having a bad day, may find it “offensive” and ban you over it.

what else would you expect from such fools who dont give a damn about players most likely you upset a blizzard employee in game or they wanted your name for themselves

Not at all and this was dealt with extensively on the Customer Support forum for WoW.

This individual did break the rules for naming in the WoW game.