View Total Play Time for specific game in

Would it be possible to add playtime statistics for each of your games on like pretty much all other platforms does?


Just wanted to check this out and was amazed to see it doesn’t exist, hope they add it.


This needs to be a feature ASAP


Can’t believe this isn’t a feature already


I really thought I was missing how to track it, and had to google how and found this. Super surprised I can’t track my play time… Blizzard… Get on it.

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Gaaah Same here, was trying to figure out how to see… apparently you can’t… what a bummer… 2021 and you can’t track your game time… Come on Blizz, fix it asap!


It’s 2021 what is blizzard doing… like damn

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Yeh wth i think it should be mandatory that i can atleast track my own play time…

It is so you cannot fight refund claims.

This is a must have, need this please !

Bruh why cant i know
every platform has it
even oculus, which is weird
blizzard you just updated everything recently, but cant do even this one right?


Dudes this is a deliberate choice ofcourse. Showing game time exposes your game addiction. Time you could have spend with your family, studying for school, reading a book or doing some other useful stuf.

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Well, I can ‘‘relatively’’ track my time on Hots. I’m at about 2500 games, times an average of 22 minutes, I’m at about 915 hours. You can do the same for overwatch, maybe heartstone, but not starcraft nor WoW