Very annoyed with appeal penalty support

ive been a long time blizzard game supporter, over a decade. but i feel like im being treated like dirt even after all this time buying games from you guys

so last season my main account on classic was banned, for no reason i was just playing the game (alot) doing many chaos runs and classic is very hard to level up on. it took over 3 weeks to get my account back which was just beyond ridiculous, and i still managed to get #1 on the classic ladder

so this season comes around and i planned on grinding hard going for #1 again, so i decide to use an alt account for my character as i was concerned the same thing would happen again. guess what? my alt account GOT BANNED FOR NO REASON ONCE AGAIN.

luckily this time i was able to get thru to live chat, the game master i spoke with was able to get my appeal forwarded to the review team right away and I was told 72hours to hear back and hopefully get my account returned since i never use 3rd party programs, bot or exploit. (let me just say that the game masters i spoke with have been great, they did what they can in their postions to help me) anyway after getting told 72hours here i am waiting for 6 days with no update on getting my account back. My friend i play most of my classic chaos runs with also had this happen to him, he went thru the same steps i did and got his sent to the team for review and his account was returned for play in 2 days.

im so angry and upset the way im being treated by the company that makes games i enjoy and have played for over a decade. i dont understand why its taking so much longer for me to get my account back than others. its ridiculous. why would i want to continue spending money on blizzard games and grinding just to be BANNED FOR PLAYING THE GAME AS INTENDED

tomorrow will be day 7 in my “72 hours” wait time for my appeal