Vault Crashing STILL

While attempting to use the portals on floor 1 and 3 to advance, the entire game crashes. Makes Floor 4 unplayable, as you’re usually dead when rebooting.

There are posts from as many as 26 DAYS ago bringing up this SAME error. Please get this fixed!


Yeah I am having the same issue as we had 3 weeks ago. They fixed it but now since reset on Monday I can’t do vault again.

Vault crashes for me after first finishing first floor on platform to 2nd floor, kicks me out of game. Has been doing this for about a week now and others in my clan have reported the same thing happening to them

Same issue. Actually just started Monday 5/29 for me. I can not go to floor 2 or exit on floor 1 without my client crashing. We were told in another post that they are aware and working on it. It’s been over a month since that post now and it’s still an issue. As a shadow we have to run a vault every single day but literally can’t complete it because this issue. Completely unacceptable that a crucial part of daily play is unplayable for this long. Not doing vault is not an option as it then lowers your deeds of valor which effects gameplay everywhere.

Where is the update on this Blizzard?

I’m having the same problem, It’s getting very annoying and frustrating, this started long time ago, they made something that fixed but since last update it crashes again, what are we supposed to do? We can’t do vault anymore? are we doomed, and you don’t care? If you are not going to do anything, than refund people’s money. :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: :rage: